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Kenney Jones...

    Well, i never thought i would make this type of a post... I know 
this topic has been mulled over about a million times... but, whilst 
listening to the Boxed Set Today, I kinda discovered this for 
myself...  After listening to "Dreaming From the waist", "Slip Kid", 
"Who are you"...etc, the cd player skipped to "You'd Better you'd 
bet".  Its almost as if the lack of drum rolls and so on threw my for 
a second, until i realized that this was the post-Moon Who... 

Kenney's drumming on this song is just awful.... I could tell where 
Keith would have inserted drum rolls and general all around chaos 
into the song, but it just wasnt there... thunk.. thunk.. thunk.. 
smash..  thunk.. thunk.. thunk.. smash.. I'm not saying KJ is a 
terrible drummer, but his style just doesn't fit with the Who... 

So why did the Who (Pete?) pick Kenney Jones?  Something to do with 
the Small Faces and how Pete like the band so much (?)  

Please enlighten me...

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