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Moon wannabe

	Maybe you folks read this on alt.rock-n-roll.classic but I 
forwarded it anyway.  Has anybody seen this guy?

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From: MAZingg <mazingg@aol.com>
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Subject: Re: Greatest lead and bass guitarists 

I'm listening to a CD of Cream at Oakland Coliseum 10/4/68 which convinces
me that Clapton and Bruce were even greater than I remembered.  And as for
drummers, if you missed Keith Moon, may I suggest that you catch
Motocaster the next time they're in your town.  They're a modern power
trio from down south whose drummer John has replicated all of Moon's power
and prowess (he even looks like him!) but without some of the sloppiness,
endearing as it was, that Keith sometimes exhibited. 


	I'll believe it when I see it.