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Re: Crashing by Design

On the subject of odd lyrics, my perception of Who's Next was pemanently 
altered by buying a Japanese pressing of the album that included a lyric
sheet written by some Japanese fellow who'd transcribed what he (thought)
he heard.

WGFA: "And the parting on the left, is now a parting on the right / And
the fear of death no longer rules the night"

LAFK: "You bring me tea / Say a bed's for sleeping"
Re: The "Jools and Jim" thread of a few months back:
I listened to "The Pete Townshend Tapes" again, and on it he explains that
he wrote J&J after having read an interview in the _Guardian_ with Julie
Burchill & Tony Parsons in which Parsons' attitude towards Moon's death was
"good riddence to bad rubbish." No explantion of the myterious 'Oklahoma'
reference though.