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Roger tour info

A friend called to tell me that there's an article in _USA Today_ about
the upcoming Daltrey Sings Townshend tour; it sez that Simon Townshend
will be playing guitar and Zak Starkey will be on drums.  (I guess Tommy
Lee of Motley Crue was, shall we say, misinformed?)  Apparently Simon
Phillips is busy with Toto.  John will be on some or all the dates,
depending on who you listen to.  Also, the starting date has been pushed
back from May 19 (Pete's birthday) to June, and so far there is no info
on New York dates.  Interest is reportedly low on the West Coast.

Simon's presence raises a question with me.  Is Roger just scrambling to
get the _name_ Townshend in it somehow?  Apparently Pete has no interest
in committing himself.