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Rolling Stone April 7th

Hi all,

The new issue of Rolling Stone magazine has just reached the shops in Sweden.
So I bought one and read the review of "Daltrey sings Townshend". This article,
while not really reviewing what music was played, and how, has some interesting
info about the concert that I think would be interesting to discuss.

The article reveals that Daltrey prevented Townshend from performing "the
Shout". _I_ think "the Shout" was a brilliant choice for this concert. Daltrey,
on the other hand said that he had never even heard this song!! What's this?
Doesn't Daltrey keep up with Pete's songwriting since he stopped writing songs
for the Who? Especially as Daltrey seems to want to put the band back together
again, he should take an interest in what Pete's currently/quite recently been

"The Shout" of course being the song from Pete's "Another Scoop" LP. I don't
listen to the entire LP too often. I think it includes too many old Who demos
that are vastly inferior to the Who's versions. There are some good songs
though, like "Brooklyn Kids", and the 4th LP side with songs like "Never ask
me", "Ask yourself" and "The Shout". "The Shout" is a slow song, creating the
same mood as "Love reign o'er me", and features some great Guitar playing
by Pete. Of course the singing could be better, but HEY it's a demo, right?

I've heard that Pete has another demo compilation album in production. Could
anyone confirm this?


About Eddie Vedders performance, not so much on stage as in the dressing room.
Supposedly he thrashed his dressing room at Carnegie Hall, splattered _His_
blood all over the walls and scrawled "THIS IS MY GENERATION, BABY" (in his
blood?) on the wall. Now, is there some explanation to this. Was he just
paying homage to Keith Moon, who has done something similar at one time; Or was
he drunk out of his head, and didn't know what he was doing; Or was this a
suicide attempt, maybe he's headed the same way as Nirvana singer Curt Cobain??
Was he alone in the room at the time? I mean maybe this isn't as strange as it
sounds, but if it is: This guy needs help!, really.

What do you think....?

- Svante