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Carrie Pratt carriepr at
Tue Feb 28 11:09:07 CST 2006

I have put up a couple of music videos that I edited together for Rachel Fuller for free download on Long Live Rock.  These were put together from a DVD of raw video footage she sent to me last fall that was filmed for a publicity photo shoot she did in June.  I used a couple of my favorite songs from her Cigarettes and Housework CD to create a backdrop for my videos.  

I invite all of you to download this DVD, even if you aren't familiar with Rachel's work.  These songs are super cool, so I would love to hear what you think of both her songs, and also my editing work!  I think that a high volume of downloads for this DVD will also inspire Rachel to give us more official content to release on this site, so please, help us to drive up the download numbers on this one!

Rachel Fuller Music Videos

1. Cigarettes and Housework
2. Spin

Music and Lyrics by Rachel Fuller

Songs are published by BMG o/b/o Towser Tunes Inc.  
All rights reserved.

Source video was recorded during a photo shoot on 8th June, 2005.

DVD Authoring and Video Editing: Marquee Video Productions

This DVD was generously provided by Rachel Fuller for free distribution to her fans!

Please support Rachel by purchasing her CD!

Brought to you by Long Live Rock Music Downloads!

This is a Long Live Rock exclusive release.  Do not redistribute any of the content from this DVD!

Carrie Pratt

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