Paris 1976 Video? Item #

Bruce bkawak at
Mon Feb 27 20:13:43 CST 2006

>> Item number: 9105448518
> Oh, that. :) Yea, where does it say Paris? Parts is not French for Paris.
> It's a little vague too say the least. It could be a bunch of crappy 8mm
> film "parts." :) I can't believe someone would $90 for a DVD they have no
> clue as to what is on it or how good or bad it is.
> Bruce

Here is a scan of the back cover with the contents.  As expected nothing 
rare and a bunch of 8mm clips.

Venue Unknown most likely Cleveland '75, Chicago '75 2 songs(newsreel), 
Houston '75 clips, and 6 various 8mm clips.


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