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>From the Evening Post of Bristol:

Music lover Jean O'Brien has a lasting reminder of
going to see legend rock group The Who - a scar on her

Jean, 54, from Staple Hill, was only a teenager when
she went to see the band, known for their wild shows,
at the Locarno Club in July 1966. 
She was having the time of her life until guitarist
Pete Townshend's on-stage antics led to her ending up
in hospital. During a particularly energetic bit of
playing, one of Pete's guitar strings snapped,
whipping out across the audience. It hit Jean across
the nose, causing blood to flow everywhere. 

She was plucked from the audience by security and even
got to meet the band backstage, before being whisked
off to hospital. 

Jean, now a married mum of two, was at the gig with
one of her girlfriends. She said: "Pete used to thrash
his guitar around, and because it was a fairly small
venue, we were quite near the front. 

"All of a sudden his guitar string snapped and hit me
across the nose. There was blood everywhere. I didn't
know what had hit me. 

"I was taken backstage by the security, where I got to
meet the band. "Keith Moon was really concerned and he
put his arm around me. I had to have plastic stitches
in my nose and I still have the scar." As a teenager,
Jean was a regular on the gig circuit in Bristol and
The Who were one of her favourite bands. The incident
may have served as an inspiration for a song called
Sally Simpson, which appeared three years later on The
Who's classic Tommy album. 

In the song teenager Sally goes to see Tommy at a
public appearance, where she suffers an injury in the
crowd, and needs to have stitches. The song finishes:
"Tommy always talks about the day the disciples all
went wild! Sally still carries a scar on her cheek to
remind her of his smile." 

On June 28, The Who will be back in Bristol almost
exactly 40 years after Jean saw them at the Locarno.
She said: "I would love to go and see The Who again,
but I have not got a ticket yet." 

Just under 10,000 tickets have been sold for the gig
at Bristol City's Ashton Gate Stadium, where up to
23,000 fans are expected. 

Bristol City chief executive Colin Sexstone said: "It
has been a fantastic response - the best we have
enjoyed for any concert staged here over the past four
years. Such is the demand, we would advise anyone who
wants to get hold of a ticket to do so sooner rather
than later." Since the 1960s, the band has lost
original drummer Keith Moon, who died from a drug
overdose in 1978 and bassist John Entwistle who died
of a drug-induced heart attack in Las Vegas in 2002. 

They have split and reformed on a number of occasions,
but have remained one of the most celebrated rock
bands of all time, responsible for classics such as My
Generation, I Can See For Miles and Won't Get Fooled

They are the latest in a long line of top acts to
perform at Bristol City's ground. Rod Stewart, Elton
John and Neil Diamond have all played at Ashton Gate
in recent years. 

Tickets cost between £35 and £50. Call 0870 1432 205
(See Tickets 24-hour hotline) or 0870 4000 703
(Ticketmaster 24-hour hotline). Or visit or 

by Kirsty Pugh 

-Brian in Atlanta
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