thewho Digest, Vol 13, Issue 43

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Sat Feb 25 11:32:53 CST 2006

Keets writes:
"Roger and The Who's music got lots of first rate exposure, and
actually, I thought all the bands sounded pretty good.  Somebody had a
sort of strange idea about the harmonies on "The Kids Are Alright,"
and who was that guy that jumped around so much?  Heheh.  But other
than that, it seemed like any night with several bands down at the
club.  I was sort of surprised about which band won, but you know,
they did have a sort of undefinable something.

So, listening to some of these guys sing with Roger, I'm impressed all
over again with his range.  It's down a few notes in the last five
years, but he still beats about all those folks.  Good show.  :)"
FIRST rate exposure?  On TLC? Seems more 2nd rate to me, but I'll take it.  I didn't see every band, but I thought the ones I saw sounded bad.  I realize many of them are amatuers (such as the cardiologist who sand Pinball Wiz- bletch!!), but I just wasn't digging their Who renditions.  Now it could have been the sound translated to TV, which usually doesn't work too well except on big time shows like Leno and Letterman.  For example, it was dominated totally by lead guitar and vocals, so every vocal flaw is magnified and the songs lose the bass impact that really drives them.  The backing vocals on I Can't Explain were atrocious, for example.
Daltrey sounded OK to me, but he's been better even in the last few years.  I think he needs the freedom to cavort and use his body to get his best tones, and that event didn't really let him do it.  That said, I would love to see The Who bring back Join Together on their tour this year.  With Simon on backing vox (and maybe Jew's harp) and Rog on harmonica, they could do that song really well.  

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