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The Who
3rd September 1989
Cotton Bowl
Dallas, TX


Track Listing:

01 Introduction
02 I Can't Explain
03 Substitute
04 I Can See For Miles
05 Amazing Journey
06 Sparks
07 Pinball Wizard
08 We're Not Gonna Take It
09 See Me Feel Me
10 Baba O'Riley (Cut)

Bonus Material (Rehearsals from Glen Falls on 20th June 1989):

01 It's A Boy (Cuts In)
02 1921 (Cuts Out)
03 Amazing Journey (Cuts in & Out)
04 Eyesight To The Blind (Cuts In & Out)
05 Christmas (Cuts In & Out)
06 Cousin Kevin (Cuts In & Out)
07 All Shall Be Well (Cuts In & Out)

Notes: This is not the complete concert.  The rehearsals footage does have
some audio issues, namely, some slight distortion and none of the songs
are complete.

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