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Jim M nakedi at
Fri Feb 24 10:55:55 CST 2006

I was listening to the new Pinball Wizard interview Pete distributed through yesterday.  It's a little misleading to say the interview's about Pinball Wizard.  Although it does concentrate on Tommy, Pete talks about many other things in the 40 minutes of the interview.

In particular, I found one comment rather interesting.  Keep in mind, Pete edited this footage himself, so it doesn't say anything he doesn't want to say.  Also, the edits are done in a fade out/fade in style, so you get an overlap between the cuts that can make it a little hard to follow in spots.  Having said that, here's the part I found interesting.

"The problem I have now is so many of our fans, lead in a vanguard by the iconic figure of Roger Daltrey..[edit]...hold to what I would call the arch conservative view...[edit]"  

He then goes on to characterize that view as an "if it isn't broken, don't fix it" way of thinking, refering specifically to the band and the kind of music and shows it produced.  

It's pretty clear he's saying he felt the band was constrained by the fans' expectations of what they had been, and that Roger agreed with that view and enabled it to happen.  I suppose this is really nothing new, but I do find it interesting to hear Pete go out of his way to make a statement like that at this point, with a new album and massive tour on the horizon.  I think the Boy Who Heard Music project of his is evidence of the sort of project he really finds interesting and we're going to see two very different works.  

Jim M

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