The Who's Quadrophenia Dress Rehearsal?

Johanna Johnson jmljohnson3 at
Fri Feb 24 07:50:59 CST 2006

Oh my GOSH!!!
  My friend Mike Bisch is posing in a picture with Roger!!!!
  This is so awesome.  Yes, it is true, The Who Show are doing another performance of Quadtribute at the Avalon Theatre, March 10th.
  Apparently, Roger came to the rehearsals and posed for pictures with them?  I can only imagine how great these guys are feeling!!!

"L. Bird" <pkeets at> wrote:
  Hey, folks. Put Roger's name in the search box at It's pics taken at The Who's Quadrophenia dress 
rehearsal in Los Angeles. What's this about? Is it a "The Who Show" 
production, or what? I see Spencer Davis there, too.

LA residents, what's going on? Is this a big production?

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