Roger at HOB

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Tue Feb 21 14:55:10 CST 2006

Here's a review of the show from the Roger Daltrey list:

>There are just no words to express how amazing Roger is, especially up
close and personal!!! It's late and I'm not thinking clearly yet, but
all I can say is that he put on one of his most fantastic non-Who
performances tonight! I was expecting that he's sing a bit of Who stuff
with the fantasy camp bands, but for those who stayed after that lunacy
was over, there was a treat: Daltrey Unplugged! How lovely to hear him
play "Real Good Looking Boy" with just an acoustic guitar and relaxing
on a stool. And, as befitting an evening during which he auctioned off
a guitar with Joaquin Phoenix in tow, he sang a nice long medley of
Johnny Cash songs!!! That was so awesome! He also played with Cheap
Trick, which was great fun because afterward, when he applauded them,
Rick and Robin got down on their knees and did the "we're not worthy"
salute---and then Robin kissed Roger! My two favorite men together like

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