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Brown: Bios tune in to songwriters

Pete Townshend 

• Amazing Journey: The Life of Pete Townshend, by Mark
Ian Wilkerson (self-published, $27; or $9.51 at: Grade: A- 

Talk about your labor of love. Wilkerson, a huge fan
of Townshend and The Who, spent the better part of a
decade tracking down every interview with Townshend he
could find along with news items, show reviews and
other trivia. 

He put them all in one spot, painstakingly chronicling
Townshend's life and music in the process. The
guitarist declined to give Wilkerson a new interview
for the book, yet tacitly approves its existence, even
endorsing the book and linking to Wilkerson's page
from his own official Web site. 

A person who's a big enough fan to do such a project
would often be an unlikely candidate to get it right.
But Wilkerson is relentless, putting albums, songs,
quotes, shows and eras in context. Literally hundreds
of interviews and reviews (full disclosure: some
written by me) are diced and rearranged to give the
most detailed, exacting study of his life and music
we'll likely get until Townshend releases his own
autobiography - and maybe not even then. 

Publishing a book yourself often is looked at as a
vanity work, but this is far from that. Famed rock
photographer Ross Halfin was so impressed that he even
gave Wilkerson a portrait of Townshend to put on the
front cover. 

In an interesting entrepreneurial move, Wilkerson has
made the book available in a 600-plus- page paperback
version for $27 or the exact same content in a
downloadable version for only $9.51. 

-Brian in Atlanta
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