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Jim M nakedi at
Fri Feb 17 12:19:23 CST 2006

Pete Townshend Interview on Pinball Wizard
27 September 2005
Oceanic Studios in London

This DVD was generously provided by Pete Townshend for free distribution to his fans!

Interviewer: Wayne Imms for Tenalps
Camera: Matt Kent
Video Editing: Pete Townshend
DVD Authoring: Marquee Video Productions

Duration: 49 min. 28 sec.

Pinball Wizard 
[c] Fabulous Music Ltd
All Rights Reserved

[c] Eel Pie Publishing 2005
All Rights Reserved

Please support Pete by purchasing products from his website.

Brought to you by Long Live Rock Music Downloads!

This release is a Long Live Rock exclusive.  Do not redistribute on other BitTorrent sites!

Video: NTSC 720x480 29.97fps 7434kbps VBR  *text file has wrong fps info
Audio: LPCM Stereo 48khz 16bits 1536kbps

PAL -> NTSC Conversion using DVD Architect 3.0 with Reduce Interlace flicker turned ON.  This greatly reduced the interlacing problems that are common with playing back PAL on NTSC TVs.  

The video quality of the converted NTSC DVD compared directly with original source PAL DVD was very close.  The reduced interlacing problem actually made the NTSC version look better on my US home theatre.  

The video on this DVD has not been recompressed or edited at all from the source DVD, other than the NTSC conversion.  All video artifacts and spots of pixilation are present on the source.  

Also on the original source, a 2 minute clip is repeated at around 0:14:20.

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