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FYI, it's the Quicken Loans Arena now, or "The Q"! This is probably a better name than Gund Arena because if you say it fast it sounds like a social disease.

Chris in Cleveland

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>Jim M nakedi at comcast.net 
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>>well, some amphitheaters down south still run like in late september
>> they? didn't they open their last US leg of the 2000 tour at an
>>amphitheater in
>> west palm beach on september 28th?
>So, you think they'll only play in the South?

Pete wrote that they would be in the US September through December...

Either way, my first thought upon reading was that we (on the East
Coast, North of Virginia) will be viewing shows indoors this time.

I'm all for that.
In 2000, the sound at the show at Gund Arena in Cleveland was far
superior to the ampetheatre shows I saw that tour.

Kevin in VT

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