Stones at the Superbowl

Scott Schrade schrade at
Mon Feb 13 21:27:04 CST 2006

> Did Macca take all the romance out of Superbowl shows with his 
> comments last year?  

Can you find this article/interview?  Your entire frustration concerning
this topic seems to revolve around what McCartney said.

> Actually, I thought The Stones went to some effort to present the 
> impression they were playing live, and no one was forward enough 
> to ask about it this year. 

Well, Jagger's vocals seemed a bit off key at times, which led me to
believe it was live.  He seemed to get winded as he sang & ran around 
the giant "tongue stage," which led me to believe it was live.

Jagger's mouthings (!) matched the sound, which led me to believe
it was live.  Some guitar parts were a bit sloppy, which led me to 
believe it was live.  And after one song, Charlie Watts hit his drums,
&, lo & behold, there came the sound of drums!

Plus, as I've mentioned, the stage had monitors so the band could
hear themselves.

> Did the Superbowl management step in to complain about the press 
> probing?

No, that's conspiratorial nonsense.

> I have to admit I was a bit disappointed in Macca's honesty.  Who 
> knows, maybe The Stones were live, but he's sort of ruined my 
> perceptions of the show, after all.

I'm not sure how your perceptions of the Super Bowl halftime show
could be deflated.  It's always been a bit cheesy, & sometimes it's
been downright embarrassing.

And I think a lot of this lip-syncing paranoia has to do with the artist.
*Some* artists lip-sync.  No doubt about it.  Some are afraid to sing
the national anthem for fear of screwing it up -- so they lip-sync.

I think I remember Shania Twain at one Super Bowl halftime show
& she was obviously lip-syncing.  Some artists are faces, & bodies,
rather than voices.  Those are the ones who you have to watch carefully.

As far as The Who goes -- I don't necessarily think playing to a 
synthesizer backing track is cheating.  But I do think they come close
to crossing the line when they use *vocals* on backing tracks (does
the WAY backing track have vocals on it?).

In the '70s, some QUAD numbers had a lot going on with the backing
tracks.  Like "Bell Boy."  The chorus had the "Bell Boy!" vocals, plus
there was a loud acoustic guitar on the backing track, as well.  That's
pushing it, IMO.

I don't really mind the acoustic guitar on the WGFA synth track be-
cause it's pretty low in the mix.  But when backing vocals have to be
included in the backing track, then you're coming close to crossing
that line, IMO.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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