Stones at the Superbowl - Lip Sync and Backing Tracks

L. Bird pkeets at
Mon Feb 13 18:57:18 CST 2006

>Jackson..the stones, and mccartney, were live.

How do you know this?  Has there been some disucussion of it that I haven't 
seen?  Interviews that stated it was completely live?  Maybe I'm just 
turning into a total cynic on this subject, but I'd like to hear some 
further info about it.  I recall that someone accused Pete/The Who of faking 
it a few years back--the 2000 tour, maybe?  The Who makes no bones about 
their backing tracks--sometimes they don't even bother to sing along--but 
would they fake us out on a completely prerecorded song or show?

Likely we should define "live" before we talk about it.  I notice this is 
where we often have problems, so maybe we're having them again.  McCartney 
said he would be playing "live," but what he played wouldn't be what we 
heard.  So, is that really "live"?

Is backing tracks live?  Is prerecording the music and singing over it live? 
  Is appearing and dancing but lip syncing to prerecorded music live?  What 
about the Milli Vanilli route where you have someone else prerecord your 
music?  What is "live" anyway?


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