Stones at the Superbowl

L. Bird pkeets at
Mon Feb 13 17:11:04 CST 2006

So, I have a question about this discussion.  Did Macca take all the romance 
out of Superbowl shows with his comments last year?  This was soon after the 
Simpson disaster, or otherwise I don't think anyone would have asked him 
about whether his show would be live or not.  We all know that many of the 
big entertainment type shows have to be lip-sync because of the dancing or 
other technical difficulties, and we know all those early TV broadcasts were 
lip-sync, but maybe we don't really want to believe that the icons still do 

Actually, I thought The Stones went to some effort to present the impression 
they were playing live, and no one was forward enough to ask about it this 
year.  It's like everyone completely forgot about last year and the furore 
about lip sync.  Does that mean they all want to preserve the myth?  Did the 
Superbowl management step in to complain about the press probing?

I have to admit I was a bit disappointed in Macca's honesty.  Who knows, 
maybe The Stones were live, but he's sort of ruined my perceptions of the 
show, after all.

Comments?  Is appearances and romance more important than honesty?


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