Music festivals (was "Stones agreed to be censored"

John pureneasy at
Sun Feb 12 16:21:14 CST 2006

> > Not at all. The Who have been probably the only band to participate
> > in just about all the historically big concerts....Monterey,
> > Live Aid, Live 8.
>   And Kampuchea.
>   And Isle Of Wight.

It's quite interesting, what is a definive list of the historically big

Those where something remarkable happened not just in terms of music,
but as an historical event?

My choices would be 

Hyde Park 69 (Stones)emergence of the "free festival" and mega acts to
performing in them.
Isle of Wight 69 (return of Bob Dylan to live performance)
Isle of Wight 70 (emergence of the anti hippy movement, ie the
anarchists who took direct action to gain free access)
California Jam 74 (The first music festival I'm aware of to be broadcast
Knebworth 75 (Led Zeppelin) beginning of the era of giant open air
Queen in Rio 84 (Benn, correct me on date) opening of the South American
continent to "rock"
Live Aid 85 (nuff said)
Tribute for Freddie Mercury 92 (public awareness of Aids)

I'm sure I've missed a few, so feel free to add more /comment on my

I don't count Live 8 as it was an overtly specific political event which
had a very narrow aim and frankly was not very good. Stereophonics,
Madonna, Who and Pink Floyd excepted.



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