German Language Interview with Roger Page 4

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Sat Feb 11 08:33:28 CST 2006

Sp: How is Pete Townshend actually?

Daltrey: Is he well. It writes Songs.

Sp: How is your relationship?

Daltrey: Well. It was never bad. It changes naturally. Times it is better, 
times worse. I am not with him always an opinion, but for me he is the 
urspruenglichste guitarist from the 60ern.

Sp: What is with Jimi Hendrix?

Daltrey: Jimi copied much with Pete, for example the Berserkern with the 
guitar. I legend not: Who is the best, but who is the urspruenglichste 
guitarist - and that is Townshend. With Jimi one hears many other 
Bluesspieler. With Townshend it does not come from that anything. Pete 
Townshend plays Pete Townshend.

Sp: What is with Eric Clapton?

Daltrey: Hey, again: It does not concern to me the best. With the others, 
with Jeff Beck, with Jimmy PAGE, with Eric Clapton one always hears Robert 
Johnson raus, understands you? Not with Pete Townshend. Pete invented its 
style - without models -.

Sp: Did the music of the 60's affect the policy? I think there of a 
well-known guitarist, who is beside a British prime minister.

Daltrey: The guitarist Tony Blair would do everything for the moment 
supposed, in order to come from the policy again away.

Sp: It wanted to be seen absolute at the beginning nevertheless with Oasis 
and been cool. Then he saw himself sudden as the second Winston Churchill. . 

Daltrey: ... now it ends as Margaret Thatcher. Although without handbag.

Sp: It has unfortunately nothing for swinging.

Daltrey: I am not a pessimist, but I am really deprimiert in this thing. 
Because we good politicians earn and bad gotten. Look at yourselves this mad 
one in the white house! (from the hotel loudspeakers and on the tape music 
runs later as for the schaumbad).

Sp: They said, to The Who go again on tour?

Daltrey: I believe, which is volume than ever before, the dynamics is better 
there, the energy, it is, as if became John and Keith by the music again 
alive - and Pete does not play like ever.

Sp: When does it go loosely?

Daltrey: Probably at the end of May.

Sp: But, there is soccer world championship does not go nevertheless at all 
in Germany.

Daltrey: We play first also not here. Football is a so mad play.

Sp: And the Englishmen invented it.

Daltrey: I wished only, we would be better.

Sp: Is it actually correct that with the first soccer game with the reduced 
head of a king one played?

Daltrey: No notion. But we maintain it naturally simply times. It sounds so 
perfectly British.

Roger Daltrey, which becomes on 1 March 62, is a singer one the largest and 
before times also most violent skirt volume of music history - The Who. he 
spoke Songs, the guitarist Pete Townshend had written. The stormy and 
theatrical music of the Who affected to today countless successors, one the 
most prominent is Paul Weller. To original occupation to that Keith Moon 
(schlagzeug) and John Entwistle (bass) belonged to volume, which died both 
in the meantime. From the summer Daltrey will go again with Townshend on 
tour and of its generation will tell. With Warner Music a DVD with the Who 
operas to "appeared Tommy" and "Quadrophenia".

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