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Sat Feb 11 08:31:52 CST 2006

Sp: Music instead of war.

Daltrey: Young humans have in the Adoleszenz now once aggressions. I 
believe, we it from the public removed. It looked probably in such a way, as 
if we would heat the Kids up. But we looked only violent. In truth we 
probably prevented a world war.

Sp: Did you at that time already know that?

Daltrey: No, but I position myself in such a way that today.

Sp: Did you have never fear of your public?

Daltrey: No, never.

Sp: "the singer works badly, because he is accused the lions", sings to Mick 

Daltrey: If one would throw Mick into its public, he would have also 
difficulties. If one became me in the public of clean throws, then it me 
simply back-throws. There was never this high barrier between us and the 
public. With the Stones is that different.

Sp: Because the Stones as stadium volume. . .

Daltrey: . . . yes, they are higher, and there is an enormous shut-off 
position. That gave and does not give it not with the Who. Pete played for 
the first rows - and I for those in the back. We had never this overstar 
status of the Stones. A little perhaps in the "Tommy" phase, but the people 
essentially talk not about us, but about our music. And that is mad.

Sp: Probably you have with more were therefore survived.

Daltrey: Yes, well possible. . . But who counts my many, many lonely nights?

Sp: What, if instead of mineral waters something else stood to drink here?

Daltrey: If you would lead an interview with Keith Richards, here a bottle 
Jack Daniels would stand. But before you would have come, Keith would have 
hung two teebeutel into a glass water and would in such a way do, as if he 
gave himself from the Jack Daniels after.

Sp: They rob all illusions from me!

Daltrey: I said nothing.

Sp: Ray Davies of the Kinks sings over the "Dedicated Follower OF Fashion". 
Do the Englishmen understand themselves to tighten actually better?

Daltrey: No!

Sp: But you were nevertheless a Mod!

Daltrey: No, I played the Mod.

Sp: But you know, what one carries.

Daltrey: No, no, actually not. Because I am so small, I cannot carry 
anything. It is a nightmare, because nothing does not fit me, anything looks 
good. It is terrible, I is a changing, small laundry bag.

Sp: In "Tommy" you see very gestylt out.

Daltrey: That was somehow zusammengehauen. My stage costume, the "Tommy" 
suit with fraying, made for me a friend. The suit became correctly famous by 
Woodstock. It consisted old rag of a few Fetzen, with which one deseams the 
car. To wash one could not weggeschmissen that anyway, after two, three 
appearances has I the thing. Me this costume pleased, because one could 
attend unhindered to its work. I carried nothing more drunter and was 
therefore perfectly free.

Sp: Before one half million humans: Was Woodstock the largest experience?

Daltrey: No, no. For us it was only a show under many, no particularly good. 
When we came finally on the stage, it was early in the morning - and all 
stood under drugs.

Sp: The whole public?

Daltrey: I said: Everything. The technicians, the musicians, the public, 
everything were broken from drugs. (he orders a further bottle mineral 

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