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Sat Feb 11 08:29:18 CST 2006

Sp: Each one hundred? Or the whole volume?

Daltrey: Together one hundred! And also only, if we had luck. Then we struck 
things for three hundred Pound broken: Instruments, amplifier, the 
loudspeakers. . .

Sp: It must have been merry. Otherwise you would not have made it probably.

Daltrey: It was merry! But sometime naturally no more. It happened with the 
first time rather by mistake. The people in the club, in which we arose, 
began suddenly as hypnotisiert to stampfen. Pete Townshend made that 
somewhat nervous. It struck with the guitar neck against the amplifier. Our 
manager kit Lambert was pleased. From then on Pete had to then make it first 
times always.

Sp: Did you see the film "Blow UP"?

Daltrey: Clearly, the force, that are we, that had Michelangelo Antonioni of 
us! It was very strange. This ritual had to do only more few with music and 
many more with the sound of the destruction. As we it for the second time 
made - this time with intention - turned out that it needs some work, until 
so a guitar is broken. It sounds then like an animal, which is sacrificed.

Sp: A good investment.

Daltrey: Fuck, unbelievably! This Kakophonie! And the faces of the people, 
which went to soil! Terriblly! They did not come then any longer because of 
the music, but because they wanted to watch, as Pete sacrificed the guitar. 
It became not only expensive however sometime, but also annoyingly. At that 
time we flogged ourselves even on the stage. With enthusiasm.

Sp: They were not nevertheless always friends!

Daltrey: But, but, we were friends.

Sp: But evenly young.

Daltrey: We were four uebertestosteronisierte young Bur. If we had not 
argued, we would have been not The Who. Possibly separate Herman's Hermits.

Sp: They sang: "Hope I the before I GET old".

Daltrey: O, for me still applies that, it only my understanding of the age 
naturally for something changed. (Roger Daltrey ordered itself and eats a 
salad it now devotedly.) My conception of the life is today different. I do 
not measure it any longer in years, it arrive thus rather on the mental 

Sp: They look very healthy, I actually hoped for a Junkie.

Daltrey: Wrong does to me. Singers must be fit. Look at yourselves Mick 
Jagger. . .

Sp: That does not have gram fat at the body.

Daltrey: He works also like the devil.

Sp: Do you make it also as it? Five kilometers do not run each morning, only 
yogurt, alcohol. . .

Daltrey: If I am on route, I cannot drink anyway much. And drugs were not 
ever which for me, of it drain the voice.

Sp: Half of the Who is already dead. Keith Moon and John Entwistle are 
victims of their, say we, reaming life become, not truely?

Daltrey: I do not know, why the two are guessed/advised like that into drug 
history. We made naturally each evening party, we drank, I also, I ' also 
marijuana let us smoke, but for otherwise nothing. I do not believe that 
someone died, because it smoked too much marijuana. Not even Bob Marley died 
therefore. In the early postwar years nobody knew somewhat about drugs. 
Everything was turned under the carpet. If thus someone had a problem 
thereby, there was also none, which would have helped him. That was the 
tragedy. I wanted, we could have prevented it. Keith Moon was not to be 
saved probably, and I do not know also whether it was an accident.

Sp: They saw the famous fights between the Mods and the Teds in Brighton. 
Were you not even the warm UP volume for it?

Daltrey: Probably. In our lifetime there was a tremendous phase of peace and 
peace in Europe. I ask myself sometimes whether she would have so calmly 
run, if it had not suddenly given the Rock'n'Roll, if this entire dark 
energy had thus not stressed.

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