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Roger Daltrey

"we probably prevented a world war"

He is a singer the most violent skirt volume of music history. Roger 
Daltrey, the front man of "The Who", will in March 62 years old - and wants 
with its volumes again on route to go. In the interview the Britisher 
presented itself extremely politely.
Of Willi Winkler

Daltrey: In former times it destroyed hotel rooms, today drinks it mineral 
Photo: AP

A hotel in Hamburg, five stars and as dead as the basement of a reorganized 
pyramid. In the lobby a surprisingly tender, small man emerges, who greets 
friendly and would eat gladly something. The restaurant closed, to eat gives 
it please only in the bar. From the loudspeakers totalEuropean Schmalzmusik 
drips. Roger Daltrey hates this designer hotel, and uses in two sentences 
directly five times a einsilbigen English force expression. In former times 
it would have struck everything briefly and small here. But in the meantime 
it is most polite humans.

Daltrey: Why can European actually build no good hotels?

Sp: That has determines several prices here gotten.

Daltrey: But one cannot bear it here nevertheless. . . Still another one 
night, then am I again at home.

Sp: Why did you come at all to Hamburg?

Daltrey: I step here on this evening - my first solo appearance since long 
time. I notice the opportunity; a singer must remain in exercise. We go 
probably soon again on tour.

Sp: Who goes on tour? The Who?

Daltrey: Yes, we are about to prepare a tour.

Sp: In the taxi here degree actually ran "My generation". The driver 
remained strangely enough ungeruehrt, when it losschepperte correctly: 
"People try tons of PUT US D-down (Talkin ' bout my generation)/Just because 
incoming goods g-g-GET around. . . "forty years is now already old this 
song. Where did this tremendous aggressiveness come with The Who?

Daltrey: Now, there was this phase in the post-war period, in which all 
exploded simply. Into the 60ern and early 70ern everyone was allowed to be 
expressed. Coincidentally there we were.

Sp: , The Who were coincidentally not nevertheless in front to in the youth 

Daltrey: Actually we did not do much for it. There were nevertheless the 
whole other groups, which there also still rummachten. If one is thereby, 
one does not see that so historical. But obviously the billions decided 
humans on the planet that exactly we belonged to four together.

Sp: Was there a competition between the groups?

(Roger Daltrey is already very jerky eh. Now he even jumps up.)

What is the matter?

Daltrey: Those smoke there over there. I can not remain sitting here. We go.

Sp: Where?

(Daltrey goes in front it from the bar through the mausoleische hotel lobby, 
finally into a pleasing empty hall.)

Why not here?

Daltrey: I believe, here take place wedding celebrations, no? (Daltrey 
examines the nail-file-inspired and surely several times price-crowned table 
decoration:) If you have controversy with your wife, you can perhaps need 
that. A cigarette to the meal! I cannot understand, how one can eat, if is 
smoked simultaneous. That is really disgusting.

Sp: Did The Who compete at that time with other volume for who is loudest?

Daltrey: We were all good friends.

Sp: Naturally.

Daltrey: But as at football clubs it gave to be naturally the unconscious 
need, the best from all to.

Sp: Is it correct that The Who zerdeppert at the beginning of each evening 
more, than the fee brought in?

Daltrey: We spent madly much money, which we had not made yet at all before. 
We kriegten at the beginning only hundred Pound per appearance.

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