Stones at Superbowl

L. Bird pkeets at
Fri Feb 10 19:36:15 CST 2006

>>If they played live, I'm sure they would.  However, according to Macca, it
>has to be pre-recorded because there's no time to hook up the sound.  It's 
>hard to match the energy of the actual event with a pre-recorded show.

>stones were live. I doubt they're that good at miming, although they've
appeared on all the old shows that required them to. but then again, the 
clips I
saw of them on those shows they were playing live anyway, so..

According to Macca, there's no way.  It takes too long to hook it up for 
that time limit.  He said the last act that played live was Sting who ran 
way overtime--a good indication of an act playing live.  So, you can figure 
that The Stones (like Macca) were actually playing, but what they played was 
not what we heard over the PA.  This also explains the bored conversations 
and general lack of interest onstage.


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