Stones 'Agreed To Song Censorship' (no Who)

Kevin O'Neal kevinandt at
Fri Feb 10 11:35:15 CST 2006

>Scott Schrade schrade at
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>> I, now, despite what Cousin Schradleheimer might think, am more
>> supportive of The Who doing next year's bowl, then ever.
>It'd be big-time publicity, that's for sure.

They wouldn't be just "nation-wide"....they'd be Global.

>But I really can't picture
>The Who doing it.  Just like I can't picture The Who performing at
>the Grammy Awards.

Kind of like how I couldn't picture them stealing the show at the CFNYC ?

They'd stomp on the place, leaving people wondering whey they don't hear 
more of them.

Kevin in VT 

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