Stones 'Agreed To Song Censorship'

David Huntington huntington at
Fri Feb 10 08:44:51 CST 2006

> Oh, and I know we heard the crowd was going to be rehearsed, but,  
> man, did
> you see those people?  It was like they were all waving their arms in
> exactly the same way.  Cheeeeeeeeesy.

Watching the Stones at the American Superbowl confirms for me what  
Pete was deathly scared of becoming in 1975 - a cabaret act.
Say what you will about countless reunion tours and reissues, it's  
all valid, but the Stones are the real parody of themselves. They're  
talented, know the hell out of three chord rock songs and play to the  
fans. But they are McRock to the nth degree. That damn "tongue and  
lips" thing is the golden arches of Rock & Roll.

And yet, I somehow respect them. They survived when few others have.  
The Beatles, Zep, Hendrix, Doors, etc. Whether or not The Who goes on  
the survivor list or not is apparently up for debate. I place them in  
a hybrid category myself, with an asterisk next to the name The Who.  
But the Stones have turned their brand of music into a real brand.  
They define one way for Rock™ to progress into retirement age. But  
ultimately they bore me to tears. All those waving arms, with their  
fake lighters in hand, in unison made me want to hurl. It was so  
contrived. What a bunch of sheep.

It's funny that it takes the Stones to illuminate for me why Pete was  
getting so sick of The Who. 

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