Stones 'Agreed To Song Censorship' (no Who)

Thu Feb 9 22:38:32 CST 2006

In a message dated 2/9/2006 11:30:56 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
NakedI at writes:

> Yeah, I meant except by you!

ok then. we cool! ; )

interesting stories there.  i've only been to like, two concerts in my life, 
well three if you count my VERY first (BRS in radio city '98) and thankfully, 
I never had anything like that happen to me.  the two other concerts I 
attended was the who in camden '00 and Jones beach '02. I hope to see more from other 
bands. ha.   oh yeah, um, does the duprees at the Lane theater on staten 
island (my hometown) in late 2000 count?  

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