Stones 'Agreed To Song Censorship' (no Who)

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Thu Feb 9 22:30:10 CST 2006

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> mm, well, I mentioned him before concerning general admission in 
> cincinnati..

Yeah, I meant except by you!

> cute story by the way. it was the 1980's after all, when getting tix to a
> show was more simple than it is now. cheaper too although i'm sure in 
> those days,
> $25 a ticket was expensive.

It was definitely easier to stomach than today's prices.  The same sister 
and I paid $200 for 2 scalped tickets to The Who in 1982.  It was freezing 
and my coat got stolen in the arena.  *That* was an expensive night!  I 
learned my lesson, though.  When going to a rock concert, don't let go the 

My favorite one is when I was standing in line for AC/DC tickets outside 
Sears and some moron came driving across the parking lot, nearly hit another 
car who was driving inside the lanes, skidded out of control slamming into 
my parked car.  The whole line burst out laughing...except me, of course. 
At least they held my place in line.

Jim M 

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