Stones 'Agreed To Song Censorship' (no Who)

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Thu Feb 9 22:13:16 CST 2006

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> I envy you for seeing him at all. i've yet to attend a show of his. I was
> going for tix to see him at shea stadium on his last tour with the E 
> street band,
> but it sold out so quick. I hope his next tour is with the band again.

I was driving home from college and heard tickets went on sale in an hour, 
or something like that.  My sister was a big fan, so I stole some of her 
money and bought tickets for the two of us.  She forgave me.

> so you mentioned him, big deal.  ; )

I think it was his first mention on this list that wasn't followed by the 
word "sucks."

Jim M 

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