Stones 'Agreed To Song Censorship' (no Who)

Thu Feb 9 21:54:54 CST 2006

In a message dated 2/9/2006 10:48:16 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
NakedI at writes:

> Oh, and I know we heard the crowd was going to be rehearsed, but, man, did 
> you see those people?  It was like they were all waving their arms in 
> exactly the same way.

the only thing they rehearsed was setting up the stage at a certain time and 
loading it out immediately afterwards. which is why they asked for those under 
the age of 50 or 45, cause, well, some "older folks" probably would be slower 
than the younger ones. y know, everything's timed so. they have to hurry it 
up.   they probably rehearsed getting rid of that blanket thing that was over 
the crowd during the first number. 

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