Stones 'Agreed To Song Censorship' (no Who)

Jim M NakedI at
Thu Feb 9 21:44:46 CST 2006

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> that's cause it wasn't the who. if it was, you'd be like "wow! yippee!" 
> etc.
> or maybe not, you'd find SOMEthing wrong, I just know it. youse usually 
> do.

What can I say.  I haven't actually seen the Stones live, but I don't think 
much of what I've seen on film.  I've seen and loved plenty of bands, mostly 
in the 80s.  The Kinks, Tom Petty w/ Bob Dylan, your fav Bruce, Aerosmith, 
Squeeze, AC/DC, Rush, hell, Elton John, they all put on great shows.  The 
Stones, I can do without, live, at least.  I think they made some great 
records, though.  Oh, and they sucked last Sunday.

> I saw some of the who's performance at the 2004 isle of wight on HDTV and
> thought it was pretty terrible actually. but oh well.

Is there an HD release of this show?  I remember seeing a post about that 
and assumed it was really the 1970 DVD.

Jim M 

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