More Townshend Prognostication

L. Bird pkeets at
Tue Feb 7 17:52:45 CST 2006

>Could someone please post the exact URL & location of Pete's "notes in his
blog" where he discusses handing it in to publishers in 2000? I'm not
finding it. Many thanks.

It's in the comments at the end of Chapter Twenty-one.  Click on the 
"comments" link, then aunch the search function with Control F and type in 
"Boy" to locate Pete's comments.  Here's what he says about it:

>The Boy Who Heard Music said...
Ronzi. You were there. I understand - or can try to.

This story was completed and copyrighted in basic form before the tragedy of 
the Word Trade Center. The bombings I write about were meant to be London 
style bombings I imagined might one day come to NY. This was not prescience: 
after all terrorists had already tried - I think I was in NY when the car 
bombs went off underneath the building. After the bigger tragedy I thought 
about taking this part out of the story, but I included it without much 

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