More Townshend prognostication

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Tue Feb 7 16:23:12 CST 2006

Could someone please post the exact URL & location of Pete's "notes in his 
blog" where he discusses handing it in to publishers in 2000? I'm not 
finding it. Many thanks.

Kind Regards,

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>>More Townshend prognostication
>>In the latest chapter of The Boy Who Heard Music, Pete
>>has the Lifehouse-style concert taking place as a
>>"Concert For New York" immediately after a terrorist
>>attack in New York City in 2002. According to his
>>notes in his blog, he wrote this and handed it in to
>>his publishers in 2000.
> "That's unbelievable, if true."
> Right, Alan?
> Actually, that's fucking scary as hell....if true.
> Kevin in VT
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