Is it The Who or not?

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Tue Feb 7 11:05:18 CST 2006

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>>I just wanted to comment on this arguement on whether
or not they are really "The Who."  I have always found
this argument to be a little rediculous.  Although I
can understand the rational that "The Who" died with
Keith (or John), the fact that Pete still flies "The
Who" flag is enough for me.  There are many, many
reasons why he (and Roger, but let's be serious, if
Pete says it's called "The Who," it's called "The
Who."  Pete runs the show) does this.  <<
I understand completely your point about the financial ramifications of 
calling vs. not calling Daltrey-Townshend "the Who."  I'm not naive on that point.

But you may say that Pete flies "The Who flag" so they are in fact the Who. 
Well, IMHO, Pete does not fly this flag without reservation. As long as Pete 
has this reservation, we're allowed to have this reservation.

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