Is it The Who or not?

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Tue Feb 7 09:18:50 CST 2006

I joined O & S years ago and just in the last year
started reading over here, but never have posted...

I just wanted to comment on this arguement on whether
or not they are really "The Who."  I have always found
this argument to be a little rediculous.  Although I
can understand the rational that "The Who" died with
Keith (or John), the fact that Pete still flies "The
Who" flag is enough for me.  There are many, many
reasons why he (and Roger, but let's be serious, if
Pete says it's called "The Who," it's called "The
Who."  Pete runs the show) does this.  And the biggest
is money.  Remember a few years ago when Page and
Plant toured as "Plant and Page?"  Great tour.  Great
show.  But if they asked JPJ to go along and call it
"Led Zeppelin," now that's monumental and it grosses
twice as much money.  If Pete and Rog just tour as
"Townshend and Daltrey" or whatever, it just doesn't
have the same commercial appeal as touring as "The
Who."  Remember, 98% of the fans out there are not
into this band like we are and only live on the
perifery.  They see "The Who" are touring!  They don't
know Pino or Simon and could care less.  The want BOR
and WAY and MG, etc.  with Roger singing it and Pete

Now, one can argue, like the case with Zeppelin, that
Page and Plant care less about the money and have
stood firm in protecting the "Led Zeppelin" moniker in
honor of Bonham.  Pete isn't Page or Plant.  Neither
is Roger.  And I, for one, am glad that they still
carry "The Who" flag.  For me, it adds that extra
excitement at the shows.  I want a sold out arena.  I
want that charge of electricity.  And for my
non-Who-fanatic friends, it's a lot easier to get them
to come to the shows (and get blown away and turned
into a convert) if I sell it as "The Who" (the classic
rock, RNR Hall of Fame, "Greatest Live Show in the
World" band) than trying to sell it as "Come see Roger
Daltrey and Pete Townshend, formerly of "The Who,"
sing a bunch of WHO songs with some other guys on
stage."  Now, whereas that may be what it is in
reality, I still enjoy the fact that it is called THE

What got me thinking about all of this while reading
your arguments, is a quote from Pete at the end of the
89 Tommy all-star show in LA.  The quote may not be
exactly this word for word since I haven't watched it
in years, but it goes something like this (I'm sure
some of you can correct me on exactness, but why):

"It may not look like the old Who.  It may not sound
like the old Who.  It really isn't much like the old
Who at all.  But becuase we're entitled, and becuase
we have the unmittigated cheek, the unprecidented
gaul, to call it, THE WHO."


Chris Justice
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