Who on Stern

Sroundtable at aol.com Sroundtable at aol.com
Mon Feb 6 22:23:57 CST 2006

I know I mentioned The Who mentioned on Howard Stern recently, but today  
there was a whole discussion about them with the band Collective Soul.   They 
asked the band if they still did any covers and they responded that they  still 
love to do Squeeze Box.  Robin and Fred were shocked that of all the  great Who 
songs, SB was the one they liked.  Howard then said he didn't dig  the Who 
because he hated Daltrey's voice and both Artie Lange and Fred  vehemently 
disagreed.  Artie REALLY likes The Who, and specifically said  how great they are.  
The guys from Collective Soul were clearly Who-head  also.  I would love to 
see a poll of modern rock bands to see what classic  bands they were most 
influence by.  I'd bet The Who would win.

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