There Will Be a WHO tour, so Please Dispell All Rumours

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at
Mon Feb 6 10:24:07 CST 2006

>Frate, Chris 
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>You are way too hard on Rachel.

Chris, no offence, but "whaaaaaaaa."
I am *not* "too hard", or even hard on Rachel.
I'm looking at all sides of possibilities, and at reality.

>It is true that his popularity helps her out


>, but they've been together a long time.

It hasn't been that long.

>I think it is unfair to imply that she is glomming onto him to forward
her own ends at this point.

That was not my all.  Don't create a spat where one
doesn't exist.
I am very certain (at least very hopeful) that she is "glomming onto
him" because she loves him.
But hey, all relationships have their pluses and minuses.
His changing moods, I'm sure, is a minus (how can it not be?!).
His musical and celebrity prowess is a big plus.
And, they would *both* be stupid if they *both* didn't take advantage of
And.....NEWS FLASH!.........they *both* are.

>Why didn't she open for The Who on the last three tours if that what
was she was after?

Ummm, because Pete loves her?
Get real, Rachel would have been "boooooooo"'d right out of the venue by
those silly folk who even bothered to sit and watch.
Keep in mind that only about .0005% of all Who "fans" even know who
Rachel is.

>but why do we always think that Pete only does Who stuff when someone
else pushes him into it?

Let's not diminish Pete's role in all of this.
He doesn't need inspiration from anyone.
He needs, like everyone, support.
And, that's what he's getting.

Kevin in VT

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