There Will Be a WHO tour,so Please Dispell All Rumours

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It's odd though - I don't honestly think that if John were still with us, any of us would be thinking the way we are right now.  The prospect of The Who live in '96, '97, 2000 & 2002 was just SOOOOO exciting.  Now, there's a feeling (for me anyhow) of well, OK, let's go along and see what happens.  Just doesn't feel the same you know?

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Hi Benn,

Doing OK, hope you are, too!

On reflection, I think you're right, that he must be talking about 
the down-time between shows being a bore at times. But you know, 
between shows is a challenge for us fans, too. Wonder if Rachel 
could help me out as well?

>Alan - hope you're well mate!
>You certainly have a great point there, but I don't think he means 
>performance or gig related boredom. I think he's talking about the 
>solitude that is the nature of hotel rooms on the road; he'll be 
>making his own kind of music everywhere he goes, you can be certain 
>of that!
>I think he WOULD pack it in if he was bored with the playing - 
>regardless of what Roger wants, as an artist, he's got his pride and 
>will do what he believes is right for him.

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