Pete bored on Who tour

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Fri Feb 3 21:20:53 CST 2006

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Well  gee, Pete, don't hurt yourself.  If touring's so fucking boring 
that  only Rachel can prevent you from dozing off, I'd kind of rather 
you just  pack it in.  I like to at least imagine that you're getting 
as much  -- if not more -- out of a performance as I am.

"the average Texan...carries not just a gun but a  SHOTGUN."
--Pete Townshend,  1967

Yeah, well maybe if the setlists vary somehwat from show to show it  wouldn't 
be quite so boring.  Maybe playing more than 3 or 4 different  songs from the 
LAST TOUR would also do something to limit the boredom.   Maybe opening with 
something different than ICE, AAA and Substitute would help  abate the 
yawning.  Do you think this might be a little nudge to Roger that  the setlists need 
A LOT of sprucing up?  Maybe bring back Sister Disco and  Long Live Rock?  How 
bout The Real Me?  Disguises?  Young Man  Blues?  Acid Queen?  We'll see.

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