Long Live Rock's first audio bootleg

Bruce bkawak at chartertn.net
Fri Feb 3 19:26:20 CST 2006

> Both Jack and Max gave good indications of what the other instrumentals 
> were based around; I can't remember what they said off the top of my head, 
> but I will try to dig them out again.

I have this post from Benn I don't think he will mind me posting here. 
Benn, if you do sorry! :)
Had this VERY interesting letter back fom Irish Jack
yesterday - throws the whole thing into doubt.....

"I am not and never have been a particular collector
of Who bootlegs but the CD you sent me I enjoy
listening to very much.  It really brought back some
distant, but never quite faded memories of the early
days with the band.

What you infact sent me is a retrieved sample taken
from one of Pete's pet projects.  His beloved Revox
machines.  He put these to use at every available
opportunity both at home and whilst playing.  True
auto-destruction thanks to Gustav M>  For a start the
dates are completely fictitious:  The High Numbers had
compleetly finished with the Railway Hotel in Harrow &
Wealdstone by October 1964.  Barney ran the Tuesday
night there but only for the summer months - so, rest
assured this is merely somebody over-doing the
'authenticity' by "borrowing" a Tuesday night from
"The Concert File".  The Who never did any studio time
at the respectable Abbey Road.  Listening to the jam
session later on in the CD when much of Link Wray's
influence on Pete later on is evident before-the-event
so to speak, it beggars belief that the
administrative-minded recording managers who in-housed
at the time at Abbey Road would have allowed Pete
valuable air-time to experiment some of his guitar
runs.  No, this is Pete playing some great inventive
guitar work on the old reliable Revox.  What Pete used
to do at the Marquee (accurately pointed out by C.C on
page 18 of Concert File) is, he would go off on a
tangent in the middle of Smokey Robinson's "Gotta
Dance To Keep From Crying" and include stuff like Phil
Upchurch's "You Can't Sit Down" and maybe a bit of
"Smokestack Lightning" and "Green Onions".

The CD is really fascingting Benn.  What doesn't make
sense is that it sounds like a rehearsal session but
then there's a couple of numbers where the band stops
and starts again and this is happening before what
definately sounds like club voices in the background.
This is particularly evident on "Young Man Blues".  On
the second rendition of "Gotta Dance" I could almost
swera that's the voice of Kit instructing the band to
keep the tape running.  I'd know his clipped
Oxford-plummy tnes anywhere.  Jesus, I studied him

As to the instrumental part of the bootleg, again,
Pete on the Revox.

Immediately after the "You Really Got Me"
instrumental, this is Pete (possibly assisted by Keith
on background percussion - or else it's a drum pattern
already laid down by Pete - certainly not a machine)
and I think it's something like "2000-pound Bee" by
American instrumental band The Ventures.  But Pete is
improvising as he goes along.  Great stuff.

Teh next piece is definitely Booket T & The MG's
"Chinese Checkers".  I've just played this version
against my original single on my late mum-in-law's old
Dansette record player and it's magic.  Great stuff.

The third piece sounds like another Ventures track
with the lead riff laid down and Pete improvising
around it.

The fourth piece is definitely "I'm A Man" and
sometims known as "John The Conquerer".  Pete
experimenting?  This is great stuff to strum along to.

The fifth piece doesn't sound to me like anything Pete
experimented with in the 60's.  If you liestn it's got
a much more 70's feel to it.  Almost mandolin-ish.
Reminds me a lot of some of the Baba music from the
album "Happy Birthday" until towards the end where he
goes off on a harmonica-induced tangent.  Great drums.

The sixth piece I have the tune in the back of my head
but it's nagging me.  I've heard it loads of

The seventh piece sounds to me like one of thoe Buddy
guy or John Lee Hooker out-takes.  It's all very
familiar stuff."

So, Jack believes this to be Pete's work alone and
definately NOT that which formed the rejection letter
from EMI.  I'm not that inclined to go along with this
though - the bass and drums surely CAN'T be Pete, can
they?  Unless of course Pete took the revox into
another venue and recorded the band himself...

Jack is talking about both the live and studio stuff I will keep to only the 
studio tracks.

12 Smokestack Lightning

Max told me this was "Plum Nellie" by Booker T & The MGs.  It is on the same 
LP as Chinese Checkers and the songs could be mistaken for each other.  To 
me it sounds more like Plum Nellie. One thing it isn't is Smokestack 

13 Walking The Dog (Instrumental)

bastardized riff with bits of Green Onions thrown in.

14 Unknown Instrumental
15 I'm A Man (Instrumental)

Sonically sounds nothing like the take on their first LP to me.  Where are 
the Townshend  guitar solo trademarks, feedback, toggling the pick up 
switch, & pick scraping strings?

16 Instrumental Jam

Sounds like '67-69 rather than '64.  The Who/High #s were a bar band in '64 
they had to play songs you could dance too.  This would have sounded like 
something from Mars at the time. :)

17 Memphis, Tennessee

Cymbals!  Where are they?  Keith Moon never played a song in his life 
without a ton of cymbals especially in '64.

18 Unknown Instrumental

Did Pete have an echo chamber in his apartment/parents house?
There is no way you could get these songs to sound this good sonically 
outside of a studio in '64.  Compare to the Pye acetate from the same time 
period that was done at a professional studio no contest.  This blows the 
Pye acetate away.  It sounds like a tape source to me.  Tape being a prized 
commodity in the mid 60s.  Tape were routinely erased and reused, 
furthermore not retained by the bands.

Bless Jack but does get things a little out of order.  Pete did not get 
Revoxes until 1967.  In '64 he was using 2 Vortexion mono tape machines with 
one mic and his parents house. See his own liner notes from Scoop.  I have a 
very hard time thinking you could get this quality recording with ONE mic. 

My gut feeling says this is NOT The Who or the High Numbers.  I could be 
wrong, it wouldn't be the first time.   Some people thought the Record Plant 
tapes from '71 were doctored/fake because of the very unlike Townshend lead 
guitar (West).

When questioned about it Carrie said "Nope, I don't have confirmation about 
this one.  I will try and get one though!" Read: I'll ask Pete. Hopefully 
we'll get an answer from someone who should know.

Speaking of, Brian speak up man, tell us what you think!


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