There Will Be a WHO tour, so Please Dispell All Rumours

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Fri Feb 3 14:45:03 CST 2006

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> You've been watching that Seattle DVD too much (A man is a man)....

I can't get that song to work!

> He's been kicking out new music since before Rachel arrived on the
> scene.

Who songs?

> Roger, Roger, Roger, and more.....Roger!

Surely Roger is a big part of it, too.

> Rachel gains by Pete's continued work.
> No, and she doesn't *have* to have a career either.
> No Pete = no Rachel publicity.
> ....
> Cynical, I know.  But, you can't ignore it.

I'm not going to comment on her motivation because 1.  I don't know anythig
about her and 2. it's not relevant.

> My point is that Rachel has her own motivations to encourage Pete (if
> she in fact is even doing that), along with just wanting to be there for
> him.

So?  Isn't the question *whether* she inspires Pete, not *why* she inspires

> I mean, what sort of person would she be if she tried to *prevent* Pete
> from doing this?

She might feel that's what's best for him, in which case she'd be a fine

> Pete *knows* his own work will yield him very little at this point.
> And, he *is* focusing on his own work.  His own work at this point isn't
> music, however.
> Also, I really think he wants to do this with Roger.
> For the first time in his career, I honestly believe that he is very
> close to his thorn in his ass...Roger, and wants to do right by him.

OK, but how did that change of heart come about?  When John died and when
Pete was arrested, things could have gone any number of different ways for
Pete.  It's absurd to say that one's partner doesn't have a huge impact on
these kinds of things.  And, it's not a one way street.  It's more like,
what kinds of things do they want for their lives *together*.  Luckily for
us, Pete seems to want to *be* a rock star again (perhaps for the first
time) and Rachel wants to be a rock star's girlfriend.

> I suspect it would be quite similar, with perhaps added delay.
> I can see Rachel being his support, but his inspiration???
> Come on.
> You make it sound like Pete would fold tent, curl up in a ball, and fade
> away if Rachel weren't around.

No, but he may have decided to ride off into the sunset with his new
girlfriend.  Who could have blamed him?

> My wife would schmack you one if she read that!

She'd have to get in line.

Jim M

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