Cool Bosses and Rock Horses

Johanna Johnson jmljohnson3 at
Fri Feb 3 08:10:47 CST 2006

This is sooo cool.
  My boss is originally from Michigan which automatically makes her cool by default.  She saw the Who in 1976 at the Silverdom.  That makes her really, really cool.
  But, yesterday, she outdid herself.  Her husband, more then 30 years ago, worked as a DJ at a radio station in Nebraska.  Roger Daltrey was promoting Ride a Rock Horse.  The radio station gave out stickers and t-shirt transfers with the picture of the cover of Ride a Rock Horse.  Her husband also interviewed and met Roger.
  Well, they dug it out of the highest box in the attic and they presented it to me yesterday at work!!!
  I love it!!!
  Sara, I thought of you sweetie  :lovey:
  It look amazingly well preserved but smells of mold like all really old Who memorabillia!!!
  I got a really cool boss.  I think I'll ask for another raise soon.

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