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Kevin in VT asked: 

> To our UK friends.... What's all the buzz about this new band called The Frozen Monkeys (did I get that right?)? Our "alternative" station here in VT played a song from their new album that's not yet available in the US, and stated that "the UK is all a buzz about this new band and album." The song (can't remember the name) starts out with talking about this "pathetic old Sod" and then switches gear very interestingly into a White Stripe-ish with punk flair song. Catchy, and irreverent. It got my attention. Wonder if Pete will bash them next. Kevin in VT 

It's the Arctic Monkeys, and they are certainly The Next Big Thing.  Think "The Streets" vs "Razorlight".

You're describing the current single, "When the Sun Goes Down" - which about a pathetic old Sod going to visit a prostitute.  It's far from the best song on the album.

But they're better known for the earlier single "I bet you look good on the dancefloor" (it's not 1984!).

I bought their new first album last week - the day it came out.  Very good.  Not like The Who in any way, but good indie music.

The album is the fastest selling ever.  They are very overhyped. But unusually for someone so overhyped, they are actually very good.

Most the hype is around the fact that their demo's have been circulating on the Internet for a long time now, building up a fanbase.


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