Long Live Rock's first audio bootleg

Jim M NakedI at comcast.net
Fri Feb 3 06:44:25 CST 2006

The degree of band sanctioning of Longliverock is unclear, to say the least. 
If your a member, post the legitimacy question on their forum.  I'd 
certainly like to know.

Jim M
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> It's a great boot.  The live material is certainly an upgrade from the Who 
> Remembers The High Numbers boot and the studio material is absolutely 
> crystal clear quality - very similar to the material on the 30 Years box. 
> I got my copy from Japan last year sometime.........
> However, there has been some doubt raised about the legitimacy of the 
> studio tracks.  Why is Daltrey not featured if the session was a test for 
> EMI?  Irish Jack and Max Ker-Seymer have differing opinions on the 
> material too.  Would be interesting to hear from Pete on this.
> But, judging from the availability here though, Pete's saying it's real?

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