Long Live Rock's first audio bootleg

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It's a great boot.  The live material is certainly an upgrade from the Who Remembers The High Numbers boot and the studio material is absolutely crystal clear quality - very similar to the material on the 30 Years box.  I got my copy from Japan last year sometime.........

However, there has been some doubt raised about the legitimacy of the studio tracks.  Why is Daltrey not featured if the session was a test for EMI?  Irish Jack and Max Ker-Seymer have differing opinions on the material too.  Would be interesting to hear from Pete on this.
But, judging from the availability here though, Pete's saying it's real?

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The Who - High Numbers Live 1964

Scene Club, Soho, London 2 September 1964

01 Gotta Dance To Keep From Crying
02 You Really Got Me (Instrumental)
03 Young Man Blues
04 Green Onions
05 I Gotta Dance To Keep From Crying
06 Instrumental Jam
07 I Gotta Dance To Keep From Crying
08 Long Tall Shorty
09 Pretty Thing
10 Smokestack Lightning, Money (That's What I Want)
11 Here 'Tis

Abbey Road Studios, London, (probably) 22nd October 1964

12 Smokestack Lightning
13 Walking The Dog (Instrumental)
14 Unknown Instrumental
15 I'm A Man (Instrumental)
16 Instrumental Jam
17 Memphis, Tennessee
18 Unknown Instrumental

Source: Yellow Dog YD 2002 Silver disc->EAC->SHN->(shntool)->FLAC

Artwork, FLAC Fingerprints, MD5 Verification File and EAC Rip Log are all included.
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