Arctic Monkeys

Kevin O'Neal kevinandt at
Wed Feb 1 16:22:25 CST 2006

>Martin Bailey
>Previous message: Who Rumoured to play at another Festival I've never heard 
>>Kevin in VT asked:
>> To our UK friends.... What's all the buzz about this new band called The 
>> Frozen Monkeys (did I get that >>right?)?
>It's the Arctic Monkeys

I knew that!!!   ;-)

>and they are certainly The Next Big Thing.  Think "The Streets" vs 

Yeah, that's the impression I'm getting.

>Most the hype is around the fact that their demo's have been circulating on 
>the Internet for a long time now, >building up a fanbase.

Wonder if Pete and The Who will enjoy similar results.

Kevin in VT 

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