Pete on the Tour

L. Bird pkeets at
Wed Feb 1 09:05:16 CST 2006

>From Pete's blog:

>There will be a tour. We already have European Festival dates slotted in 
>June and July. (These are our first Festivals since Cincinatti, a mark of 
>respect to the fans who died at our concert there in December 1979. That 
>long time ban of ours on playing 'festival' seating, with very few 
>exceptions, was finally broken at Live Aid 1985, and Live 8 and Yokohama 
>Japan now showing on TowserTV in 2004).

The American part of the tour, probably in three - or even four - legs, 
happens from September to December. We go on to the rest of the world in 
2007. There will be a new CD sometime in the early summer. I know I've cried 
wolf a few times, but this time I have commited because I have about enough 
music for a new CD, and I'm still producing. Also, Rachel has agreed to come 
for the entire tour and do In The Attic before every show. This will prevent 
me becoming bored.

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