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Back in time at South Elgin do-over prom Going Retro
By Janelle Walker 
STAFF writer

SOUTH ELGIN — For some adults, their prom was more
Carrie than Pretty in Pink.

Whether the prom was a horror show or a dream date,
anyone older than 21 has a chance for a prom night
"do-over" at Retro Prom, presented by the South Elgin
High School Boosters on March 3.

It is a way to get parents and community together to
do something fun and different, said booster President
Joe Cluchey.

"We have a lot of people from different schools" who
have come together to create the new booster club,
Cluchey said.

Those organizing the nonprofit group wanted to create
new traditions, separate from the schools their
children had been in before.

South Elgin High School won't host a prom this year,
because the school houses just freshmen and

"I said, tongue in cheek we should have an adult
prom," Cluchey laughed.

But the idea caught on.  

The theme is "My Generation" by The Who, but will
include music and popular culture references from the
1960s through the 1990s.

The event will be held at the Seville in Streamwood
and will include dinner and dancing.

The event is being held in Streamwood, Cluchey said,
because the Seville's owners, who have a child at
South Elgin High, gave them a very good rate for the

Unlike many past proms, the drinking at this one will
be legal, with a cash bar available.

In the spirit of nostalgia, however, Cluchey said he
was tempted to bring a van with a keg of something to
the parking lot. 

Mindful of safety, a block of hotel rooms for the
promgoers has been set aside at the AmeriSuites Hotel
in Hoffman Estates. A shuttle bus will be available
for those taking advantage of the overnight stay.

Although the event is a "prom," it's not necessary to
rent a tux and buy an expensive dress — or to buy
flowers, go tanning or get a manicure or do any of the
other prom-related extras — Cluchey said, unless the
prom attendees want to.

"At this prom — unlike our proms where you had to be a
part of the 'in' crowd — you can dress your way. From
classic to casual, from formal to funky," Cluchey

Personally, he's hoping to find a powder blue tux with
a ruffled shirt but hasn't had much luck finding one
in his post-high school size.

"But we won't judge you" if attendees decide to wear a
tux-printed T-shirt or jeans and a concert T, he said.

There will be some judging based on attire, however.
Organizers are planning to award a prize for the most
nostalgic clothing.

A prom king and queen also will be named and
contestants will be teachers at SE High. Students will
vote on which teachers will win by placing
nonperishable food in bins at the school: the two with
the most food in their bins will be named king and

Cluchey also encouraged people to attend stag and
promises other singles will be there as well.

The $35-per-person tickets are available from booster
club members, at the SE High treasurer's office and
will be on sale at South Elgin Village Idol contest
Friday, Feb. 10, at the high school. Tables of 10 may
be purchased through Feb. 15 by calling Janet O'Hara
at (847) 429-9033

For more information, check the SEHS Booster Web site
at: www.sehsboosters.org .


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