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Sat Mar 26 13:17:50 CST 2005

>gene kirkpatrick <gk_tyler at> wrote:
>I didn't like Peter May's column about ten days ago, announcing that the Atlantic race was over.  Neither did I like his suggestion that Antoine should be getting MVP consideration.  That's immature giddiness at it's worst.  It's good that we get a 27 game look at #8, rather than just a few weeks.


For what it's worth, I thought Antoine was obviously playing "team first" during the first quarter last night, and doing it well.  There were half a dozen times in the opening minutes when he could have taken a shot, and probably would have in the previous game, but instead did something better.  Often, that was making a good (or excellent) pass to a wide-open teammate.

I feel Antoine really is *the* key to the Celtics this year.  His personal second-by-second decisions have a huge effect on the way we play, more than any other player except maybe GP, and I'm not sure about Gary.

When Toine's in shoot-first mode, things easily go bad, with predictable, inefficient offense that devolves into a vicious cycle of Toine making more and more desperate one-and-done shot attempts.

When Toine's doing his passing thing, this team is so much harder to defend -- even good opponents fall half a step behind.  Suddenly Toine, who can move without the ball (which you only find out when he gives the darn thing up) is alone under the basket for those bunny drop-ins, and his shooting percentage sky-rockets.  So does his rebounding, since he's now wandering the paint (not pinned on the perimeter).

Sigh.  So easy to see how others can improve their lives, eh?

-- Eric

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